Causes and Treatments of Tinnitus or "Ringing in the Ears"

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical condition most known as "ringing in the ears." It can occur in one ear or both and also has been described as whistling, hissing, buzzing, pulsing, or clicking in the ear. The American Tinnitus Association estimates that more than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of tinnitus, often to a debilitating degree.


Tinnitus is most often a symptom of an underlying health condition. While it is most associated with hearing loss, there are more than 200 health-related issues that can cause tinnitus, like a head or neck injury, ear infections and/or obstructions, sinus pressure, impacted earwax, temperomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), or even side effects from certain medications or exposure to excessive noise. 


Due to the personal and unique nature of each tinnitus condition, proper evaluation and specialized treatment is necessary. Although there isn’t a single cure for tinnitus, Hearing Health Associates’ audiologists are experienced at providing individual solutions on a case-by-case basis. 

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