Age and use can take their toll on hearing aids. We offer smaller repairs on the spot while our patients wait in the office. Depending on the issue you’re having, you may be able to troubleshoot or repair your hearing aid on your own. Here are a few common hearing aid fixes you can try right now:

  • Replace the battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Clean your hearing aid
  • Replace the wax filter
  • Open and close the battery compartment
  • Check your input settings

Still having trouble with your hearing aid? Call us or stop by for a consult on the issue.


Many of our instruments have repair warranties and loss and damage coverage included in the initial purchase. Many minor repairs can be managed in our office while you wait. 

If you instrument requires repair through the manufacturer, we will take care of this process for you and, in most cases, will provide loaner instruments. 

If your hearing aid is no longer under warranty, we can evaluate the extent of damage and make a recommendation for repair or replacement. 

We have partnered with ESCO to offer you ProtectionPLUS, insurance coverage for your hearing solutions. When you enroll in this program, you will be covered for:

  • Replacement of your hearing instruments if they are lost.
  • Repair or replacement if your hearing instruments are accidentally damaged.

Accidental damage means unintentional physical damage sustained by your instruments. Gradual deterioration, normal wear and tear, and electronic failure are not covered by this policy. Your manufacturer’s warranty may cover these occurrences.