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Hearing Aids Could Improve Long-Term Brain Function


We’ve discussed before how hearing loss can negatively affect your health as you age. A recently released study suggests there is a way to combat this. The study revealed that wearing a hearing aid to combat age-related hearing loss could help people improve their brain function long term. 

Researcher Dr. Anne Corbett said, “previous research has shown that hearing loss is linked to a loss of brain function, memory, and an increased risk of dementia. Our work is one of the largest studies to look at the impact of wearing a hearing aid, and suggests that wearing a hearing aid could actually protect the brain.” 

Other recent studies have explored how dangerous hearing loss can be to people’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as how prevalent age-related hearing loss is.

“Old age greatly increases the risk for hearing loss,” said Dr. Vegard Skirbekk, Columbia Aging Center faculty member and professor of population and family health at the Mailman University School of Public Health. “As the population ages, we are seeing increasing numbers of people with hearing loss.”

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