BrainHearing™ Technology: Say What?

When most people think of hearing, they think of ears. Of course, we do hear with our ears. But, it's our brain that takes the sound from our ears and translates it into meaning. Which means it's your brain that does the heavy lifting when it comes to hearing, not your ears. And, when the sound signals from your ears are compromised, your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps. This extra effort takes its toll over time. It's actually physically exhausting. And, studies have linked hearing loss with feelings of isolation and depression.

One of the hearing aid lines we carry, Oticon, features BrainHearing™ technology. This technology was designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound with less effort. The BrainHearing technology has four key features:

  1. Speech Guard E: Protects the clarity of speech, even in noisy environments.
  2. Spatial Sound: Allows you to hear in 3D so you know what directions conversations are coming from in a room and where to focus your attention.
  3. Free Focus: Consists of automatic zoom functions so you can focus on the most important sounds and shift your focus from one conversation to another.
  4. YouMatic: Personalizes your hearing aids to your unique and personal hearing preferences and needs. 

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint. BrainHearing technology enables Oticon hearing aids to be finely tuned to match your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences. The sound is delivered in the clearest, purest signal so your brain can easily understand it. The result is a more natural, effortless listening experience. 

Oticon hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles, fitting options, colors and price points. We can help determine which ones will best suit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Regardless of whether you choose behind-the-earin-the-canal, blue, green or nude hearing aids, the BrainHearing technology used in these products will be life changing.