Next Generation of Hearing Aids Attractive to Younger, Active Lifestyles

The next generation of bluetooth hearing aids are, for lack of a more scientific term, impressive. This is exactly what younger patients need to take that daunting first step toward improving their hearing. Unlike glasses, hearing aids unfortunately still have a stigma. That is, they're seen as acceptable for people after a certain age. But, the Millennial, GenX and active Boomer hearing aid wearers experience a level of embarrassment. We see patients living for years with moderate to severe hearing loss because they're scared of the perception of wearing hearing aids. 

The good news is the latest technologies look more like small, discreet, wireless bluetooth headsets. The features on these hearing aids are unmatched, as well. 

  • These devices can connect wirelessly with smartphones, allowing you to hear a phone conversation directly through the hearing aid.
  • They pair and connect with TVs and computers so the sound is delivered literally to your ear.
  • They deliver increased clarity to speech - even in noisy environments or with fast talkers.
  • They help spatially, allowing you locate where sounds are coming from so you can orientate for optimized hearing.
  • They allow you to zoom in on the most important sounds, or conversations, and boost soft speech so you don't miss out.
  • Finally, all of this and more can be controlled with your smartphone (or Apple Watch). 

Imagine hearing conference and phone calls with clarity; watching TV at a normal (even quiet) volume; participating in fast-paced group conversations without missing a beat; or not having to ask a person to repeat every other word in a noisy restaurant. It's all possible. 

If you are a student, young professional or even an active senior adult who is experiencing hearing loss, we encourage you to ask an audiologist about the latest generation of bluetooth hearing aids. This goes for you current hearing aid wearers, as well. We promise they'll change your perceptions of hearing aids...and your quality of life. 

For our patients, we carry several brands of bluetooth hearing aids at our offices in Crozet and Roanoke, Virginia. Please ask us about them the next time you visit. We'll help you determine which one works best with your lifestyle.

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