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  • Couldn't be more happy with service from Hearing Health. I don't think there's any better anywhere.
    — J.C. | Roanoke
  • I have a sister living in St. Charles, MO, who wears hearing aids. Recently, her husband with Alzheimer’s had to go into nursing home and, for the first time, she was living alone... and falling a lot. I became very worried about her falling. More than once, she was unable to get up on her own and had to be taken to the hospital after using her medic alert. After receiving that e-mail letter you sent to me (about a study at Johns Hopkins linking hearing loss to falling), I asked her ... when she falls ... does she have her hearing aids in her ears? She replied, “no, why do I need them? I have no one to hear and just turn the volume up on my t.v.” Now she wears them all of the time and has not fallen ... even once. I just wanted you to know how that study you emailed me helped her.
    — J.V. | Roanoke, VA
  • Thank you so much for helping Mom and fitting her with the new listening system. It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation with her.
    — P. C. | Crozet, VA
  • We are so glad you are here in Crozet. It’s nice having someone so convenient. I really appreciate your service.
    — M.W. | Charlottesville, VA
  • Thank you for spending so much time with Mom. She was very nervous and resistant before we started this process. After receiving her new hearing aids she commented that she wished she had come in to see you sooner.
    — D.M.’s daughter | Roanoke, VA
  • I left another practice a couple of years ago and now travel 60 miles for my hearing aid purchases and assistance. Ms. Garber and her staff have bent over backwards to be helpful. I find Ms. Garber highly qualified and have complete trust in her work. I've recommended her to friends and will continue to do so.
    — L.S. | Blacksburg, VA
  • He took the time to explain the process to me and what to expect – and that is exactly what happened.
    — H.C. | Roanoke, VA