Top Five Hearing Health Blog Posts of 2017

Each month, our blog focuses on the latest research, technology and innovation, and other important industry findings that we capture and share. As we get ready to welcome 2018, here are our top five most popular blog posts of 2017 for a quick year-at-a-glance. 

#1. No More Batteries! Introducing Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Although this post appeared just slightly more than a year ago, it continues to be the #1 most visited post on our site. It offered a round up of the latest hearing aids (as of November 2016) with rechargeable batteries. 

#2: Tinnitus or "Ringing in the Ears"

Our second most popular post was featured in August 2017 and focused on the definition, causes, and management of Tinnitus.

#3: Nutrition and Hearing: Top Foods to Consume and Avoid

Featured in March as part of Nutrition Month, our third top blog post focused on foods and nutrients that can have positive and negative impacts on your hearing health. 

#4: Hearing Aid Guide: Which Fit is Best for You?

This was the first post of 2017 and highlighted the various hearing aid styles, as well as pros and cons of each.

#5: Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Our fifth most popular blog post of 2017 focused on the definition, causes, and treatments of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. 

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