Hey guys, did you hear? June is Men's Health Month!

In 2013, the Better Hearing Institute reported that men who want to stay active, feel younger, and remain socially and professionally engaged should address hearing loss.

Studies have shown that men are more apt to suffer from hearing loss than women; the good news is that most people with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids. Hearing aids improve communication and that has a positive effect on our relationships. People that have hearing loss and use hearing aids are reportedly happier in their activities, more likely to participate in events and socialize with friends. 

We assure you that men who have hearing loss can maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Technological advances have revolutionized hearing aids and today we are pleased to offer models that automatically adjust to all types of sound environments and filter out noise. Many styles are virtually invisible, some are waterproof and many are rechargeable. The majority of our patients have smartphones and our thrilled to learn that we have several options that integrate with their phones.

To find out If you or someone you love might be experiencing hearing loss, please fill out our online questionnaire, and a doctor will be in touch. For more information on Men’s Health Month, can be found at www.MensHealthMonth.org.