Control Your Hearing Aids Through Your iPhone

We've been amazed at how far the hearing aid field has advanced since we started our practice 15 years ago. The latest Made for iPhone® technology is no exception. This technology lets you manage your hearing aids and listening experiences through an iPhone app called TruLink. Your calls, music, videos, movies and more stream directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology. And, it works with iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch. This technology is one of our top recommendations for patients with active lifestyles; those who work, travel and spend a lot of time outside of their homes and on their phones. 

Among many features, this technology allows users to:

  • Answer phone calls with the touch of your finger and hear the entire conversation streaming directly to your hearing aid. 
  • Change the volume in the right ear, the left ear, or both, with the swipe of a finger. 
  • Easily adjust sound in different listening environments and save the settings. Is it difficult to hear people at your favorite restaurant? Adjust your hearing aids there for optimal listening. Then - and this is the best part - geotag that restaurant using the built-in GPS on your iPhone. A geotagged memory will recognize where you are and automatically adjust your hearing aids the next time you enter that place. Mudhouse coffee in Crozet, Hollywood's in Roanoke, Friday's After Five / First Fridays, church, work... you get the picture! You can save up to 20 memories.  
  • Have Siri read texts and emails directly to your hearing aids.
  • Use the live microphone setting to record, play back and email audio as it happens, or save recordings to listen later. 
  • Easily locate lost hearing aids using the Find my Hearing Aids feature, which has a location and timestamp.
  • Stream notifications for reminders, calendars, phone calls, texts or emails to your hearing aids.

With pristine sound quality, advanced technology and premium features, TruLink is a game changer for our patients who are constantly on the go and rely heavily on their phones to keep them connected. The AGX brand of hearing aids that we carry that offer this technology come in a variety of colors in the Receiver-In-Canal style. 

If you think the AGX Made for iPhone® hearing aids might be a good option for you, please give us a call to learn more.