Active Lifestyle Hearing Aids


Active lifestyles often feature:

  • A variety of video and audio entertainment, such as TV, movies and phone calls
  • Diverse restaurant dining experiences
  • Sporting events
  • Outdoor activities
  • Busy careers
  • Frequent meetings and gatherings, often requiring participation
  • Driving

AGX9: The most comprehensive personal hearing technology available
By combining patented features that you won’t find anywhere else, AGX9 overcomes many of the limitations faced by more conventional systems and creates a more natural sound experience. The AGX9 comes in a variety of colors and styles, including the invisible hearing aid option.

Noise Reduction
Noise is unavoidable, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. AGX9’s Noise Reduction Technology reduces distracting background sounds that make it difficult to communicate. The Noise Reduction Technology includes two key elements: Gain Dependent Expansion and Adaptive Noise Reduction. These technologies work together to limit the amount of noise you hear, so that important sounds (such as speech) are not overpowered.

Multi-Layered Directionality
Taking hearing in noise to a new dimension, AGX9 combines the best ideas in directionality to help you recognize where important sound is coming from and focus on that sound without the distraction of ambient noise. Directionality is especially helpful when trying to understand speech because it can emphasize the sounds originating in front of you (usually the speaker) while deemphasizing those originating from the side or behind you (background noise). This system exceeds the performance of all commercial directional hearing systems on the market today.

Reaction Technology
The foundation for exceptional hearing Reaction Technology is the basis for AGX9’s outstanding performance and flexibility. Your hearing system will monitor your listening environments continuously, detect and analyze changes, and adapt to new conditions within milliseconds. All of this helps to ensure that you don’t miss any important communications.

A Natural-Sounding Voice
Because living in a barrel is no way to live, people wearing hearing systems frequently comment that their voice sounds unnatural as though they are “talking in a barrel.” This experience is normal when wearing hearing systems; however, it shouldn’t be distracting while trying to communicate. AGX9 allows us to make external and internal changes to your hearing system to improve the sound of your own voice. AGX9 offers several unique tools including: voice management, low-frequency adjustments, and open vents to combat the “barrel effect.”

Feedback Cancellation
Feedback cancellation ensures proper amplification of the sounds you want to hear without the annoyance of a whistle or squeal, which can distract you and those around you.

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