Very Quiet Lifestyle Hearing Aids

Our level 3 AGX Hearing technology is designed for individuals who are searching for a solution to their hearing loss and lead very quiet lifestyles, rarely in the presence of background noise.

Very quiet lifestyles most often feature activities in and around the home, such as limited television, radio or recorded books, and infrequent visitors or gatherings.

The Advantages of AGX Digital Hearing Systems
Digital Sound Processing is at the heart of most AGX hearing systems. Sophisticated computer algorithms allow us to customize your AGX system to suit your day-to-day listening preferences. This unique marriage of flexible digital technology and professional skill is what translates into a better quality of life for you. 

More Natural Sound Quality
AGX3, like others in this family of products, features patented technology that processes sounds in smaller, more exact increments called channels. We can work with you to program each of these channels to help fill your specific hearing needs. 

All Affordable Hearing Systems Are Not Created Equal
When it comes to bringing the right technology and expertise together, we know that a lower price should not mean lower expectations. Even at the entry level, AGX3 can help fill sound voids with the speech cues and other sounds that can assist you in communicating effectively and bringing color back into your life.

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